Septal perforation Repair

This type of surgery requires a particular skill set and level of experience. Prior to consideration of any perforation closure, it is imperative to exclude an underlying medical cause of the perforation. Common causes of septal perforations include previous nasal surgery, nasal trauma, drug use, over-the-counter decongestant sprays and an underlying vasculitis.

Timing of surgery is paramount and for causes such as vasculitis, collaboration with a rheumatologist is key to ensure that appropriate immunosuppressive medications have been started and the disease is under control.

This surgery is not attempted by many surgeons, but in the right hands, it is an extremely effective procedure in alleviating nasal crusting, whistling and bleeding that frequently results from a septal perforation.

Mr Unadkat and his colleagues from the Royal National ENT Hospital, London have published their research in the reconstruction of large septal perforations click here to read the document

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