Consultation and Fees


Mr Unadkat’s practice is located conveniently on London’s famous Harley Street. Consultations take place at 9 Harley Street and should surgery be required, then this will be carried out at Weymouth Street Hospital.

Referrals to My Nose London can be made directly or through your GP. We receive a lot of referrals from other colleagues for specialist opinions related to nasal problems.


We understand that plans do sometimes change at short notice. Please do let us know with at least 24 hours’ noticeshould you be unable to attend your appointment. Non-attendance and last-minute cancellations considerably disrupt the clinic.


Mr Unadkat is recognised by most of the major insurance companies. If you have insurance then fees will be invoiced and settled directly between My Nose London and the insurance company. Prior to booking your appointment with us, we recommend obtaining a pre-authorisation number. If you are insured by a company not listed below, then please do let us know in advance and we will arrange the necessary registrations. Please note that purely cosmetic rhinoplasty surgery will not be covered by insurance. Some insurers may cover parts of the procedure and we would be happy to liaise with insurance companies but ultimately it is the responsibility of patients to cover any shortfall in payment. We will of course provide a written quote to ensure transparency throughout.

For patients who are funding their own treatment, we request that payment in full is made at the end of the consultation. We accept all major credit cards

Consultation Fee
New Consultation £200
Follow up consultation £150

Should additional examinations or tests be required, they will incur an additional charge.  Please contact us for further details.

For self-pay patients, hospitals and clinics will also charge an additional facility fee for use of any equipment on their premises. This charge is independent of our private practice fees and is set directly by the hospital/clinic. It is the responsibility of the patient to settle this with the hospital/clinic. Insured patients are usually covered for this facility fee but there may be limitations or an excess to pay.